10 Blooming Succulents for Your Home


Succulents are all the rage because they’re relatively low-maintenance and give the home a tropical look. But did you know that succulents can have more colors aside from shades of green? The Garden Lover’s Club website gives us this list of ten beautiful flowering succulents!

Here’s one that I’m definitely thinking of adding to my house:

This [Crassula (Jade Plant)] is another tropical succulent that is going to produce beautiful pink, purple, and white blooms. It will grow best in zones nine through 11, and with the right care, it can grow to be four to six feet tall. It is a drought-tolerant plant that does not require a lot of water, but it does need to have full sun to really thrive.

Want to know what blooming succulents you can have in your home? Read the full article to find out!

Read the source article at Garden Lovers Club