COLOURS – To Bring Contemporary Life To Your Home


Year round when we reach a new season we don’t want the same old colour scheme and pairing. We want change, and Spring is the ultimate time to clean out and glow up. When redecorating your home and style, Spring doesn’t have to be rose reds, apricot oranges and the same cobalt blue. There are a few colours that can complement your style and still be daring enough of a change.

Cooler tones

Instead of heading for the same soft baby blues, we can pack a punch. Blue tones are a

cool colour that can bring a room down to arelaxing tone. Moving into Spring we want to use these blues to keep the relaxing element but bring a new meaning to cool.

Chinese Blue is a deeper colour that borders on greener tones. It’s heading towards baby blue but packs a punch with its shallow ocean tones peeking through the green. It pairs well with lighter steel greys and can be complimentary for vibrant yellows.

Blossoming pinks

Pink comes in a spectrum of colours but we don’t want to wander towards the fuchsia’sand hot pinks. Pinks bring a lightness to a space that is both welcoming and bold. It can be standout and used as a centre piece colour for a room.

Deep Raspberry is a rich pink-purple with mild maroon undertones. This colour is vibrant and brings a mature feeling to a space and strays from the hot and cool pinks that can drown out complimentary tones. This colour compliments lighter and pastel blues that bring out the liveliness in the pink shades.

Earthy tones
Earth tones can make or break a space. Too many, and you end up with a drab mess of what looks like dirt stained furniture. When people hear, earth tones they tend to think browns heading into black, but earth tones with hints of greens and yellow can uplift a space. Earth tones bring a centred and still presence while still bringing an adventurous touch. Antique Moss has touches of green and yellow that overshadow a daunting brown and yet compliment the earth tones nicely. This colour can usually be complimentary for more vibrant colours and used as a ‘base’ for colours that pack more of a punch. Used in an outdoor setting surrounded by green foliage can often bring out very subtle green tones.

Warmer tones

Yellows are a spring favourite. They can almost epitomise Spring as a season. Fresh and zesty, bursting with new life. We don’t want the punchy canary shades but something a little different.

Light Lemon Yellow brings a fresh new touch to traditional lemon yellows. Like earthy tones, it is a subtle colour that encompass mild green undertones. This colour works brilliantly with powder blues and light lilacs that can add a hint of childish charm to a space.