Houseplants in Your Home Office Can Help Boost Your Productivity


Thought we’d share this cool article from Life Hacker. It’s called Make Your Home Office a More Productive Place With More Houseplants.

It has some great insights on the relationship of houseplants and productivity. Here’s one that’s really interesting:

According to the research, offices with plants resulted in increased workplace satisfaction and increased employee engagement.

Is a potted plant on your desk going to make you speed through that report any faster? I’d say probably not.

That said, I’ve certainly seen marked differences in my own productivity when I’m working in a pleasant environment rather than a sterile one. Plants are an easy way to spruce up a space and can give a bit of life to an otherwise dull desk situation.

You can definitely pick up a few good ideas from this article so do check out the rest of it at the website linked below…

Read the source article at Lifehacker Australia