Lawn and Garden Tools are Selling Like Hotcakes

Tending to their gardens have slowly become a lot of people’s favorite pastime. It’s nice because aside from being forced to move around and lift heavy plants and jars, it’s also friendly to the environment.
This article from Find Market Research shares with us the forecast for lawn and gardening equipment.
“Increase in the number of middle class and high income group population has been a major factor driving demand for larger lawns and gardens,” the article says.
It’s a great read for a lot of reasons. For one thing, it’s a great indication of social mobility. More people having the space and the time to tend to their gardens is great news. Secondly, it’s also an indicator of where people’s values are. It shows that environmentalism is starting to take root in a sector that it didn’t used to have much interest in it. We at Blooms Magazine are especially proud to share this article with you and hope you take the time to read it.

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