Stephanie Alexander – The Cooks Apprentice


Stephanie Alexander is one of Australia’s most beloved cooks and food educators who has sold over half a million copies of her last book, The Cook’s Companion. This is the latest how-to cook book for anyone taking a dive into the cooking world. It is filled with tips and tricks for the Australian cook and guides you through a series of over 300 recipes that work alongside her tips for handling chilli, utensils in the kitchen and plenty of other useful information you need.

“I can help you become a relaxed and confident cook. I can share what I know about choosing the good, better and best in the marketplace so you can join me in supporting our local food heroes” Stephanie says. With her experience of over 30 years and her reputation as a food educator, her books have become classics within the cooking world. Her emphasis on the use of fresh produce in her recipes allows cooks to overcome their anxieties of cooking and brings out the best in any chef.

“On the top of my wish list is a desire to make every one of you a lifelong food lover, to enjoy cooking for yourself, your friends and for your own family without anxiety, and to become a supporter of the very best produce we have.” Sharing food around the table is a vision that Stephanie has held and shared for many years and allows chefs confidence in creating and sharing their food to grow. With her experience, Stephanie began the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation.

The foundation provides professional development, education and focusses on providing a pleasurable learning experience. Professionals can attend one on one classes to learn about gardening and bringing their grown food to the table with beautiful recipes.

The Cook’s Apprentice is one of her 16 books that have been released, but not only in her writing is Stephanie well known, her experience as a chef and restaurant owner is an attribute to her success. Throughout her book, across 54 chapters, you are guided through different foods, their seasonality, what they pair well with and how to select the best possible produce at the market. The recipes and guidance is an integral part of the new cookbook; however, the design is new and quirky that will leave readers mesmerised and pressing forward in the book looking for the next colourful illustration.

The Cook’s Apprentice is a wonderful start in what can be a long and joyful cook for those beginning. With its simple recipes and some for those looking for more of a challenge, its sure to be a hit. If it’s your first time crossing the threshold into the kitchen, have no fear for Stephanie Alexander is here to guide you through the ins and outs of the kitchen and how to cook amazing meals and share them with your loved one.

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