Garden Amateur

Author of Garden Amateur, Jamie, uses a friendly tone to blog about what’s thriving in his garden and what is affecting it. His blog is great for at home gardeners who can relate to his experiences and learn invaluable advice.

website: gardenamateur.blogspot.com

Garden Larder

Garden Larder specialises in the growth and sale of unique and rare vegetable seed and tubers. At his farm in Casterton Victoria, he breeds and grows seeds specialising in heritage, unusual and old-fashioned varieties of vegetables. You’ll find inflation about interesting variations of vegetables on his site – from mini watermelons to pink bumblebee (little striped tomatoes with great flavour).

website: www.gardenlarder.com.au

Deep Green Permaculture

At Deep Green Permaculture, their concern is all about sustainability. The informative site contains plenty of information about permaculture, urban agriculture, food forest gardening, backyard orchard culture and organic gardening. Deep Green Permaculture is very hands on in the sense that it has plenty of DIY guides to help you start your own sustainable garden. From advice on how to build a broccoli box worm farm, to how to make self-watering plants, it’s a DIY enthusiast’s dream.

facebook: Deepgreenpermaculturecom

The Balcony Garden

With the rise in vertical living and smaller yards, balcony gardens are more popular than ever. Check out The Balcony Garden for inspirational ideas and effortlessly stylish pot plants that will make your balcony look chic, green and luscious.

facebook: aussiegreenthumb

Aussie Green Thumb

The Aussie green thumb is an informative garden website that’s perfect for amateur or at home gardeners. On their site they regularly publish new articles which cover a variety of native plant profiles and general gardening advice, as well as tips and tricks to help everyday people improve their gardening knowledge and skills.

facebook: aussiegreenthumb

Michael Cooke

Featuring whimsical photos of gorgeous gardens, Michael Cooke is highly inspiring and provides an experience for the senses. It’s hard not to get swept away by the beautiful garden imagery on the site alone, but this is only rivalled by it’s all star contributors. Featuring Michael Cooke – ex garden editor of Marie Claire and Kaiya Browning, an ex employee at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra, the team knows a thing or two about plants!

website: www.michaelcooke.com.au

The Garden Girl

If you consider gardening a hobby and a passion that you want to learn more about, then The Garden Girl could well be the right place for you. It’s run by Elisabeth Kingman who is a self-taught gardener and working mum. When she’s not looking after her kids or working, her favourite place to be is in her garden, creating an environment that’s attractive, low maintenance and relaxed. As well as sharing information about gorgeous plants and flowers, Elisabeth also sells some super cute garden inspired homewares.

facebook: ElisabethGardenGirl

Gardening 4 Kids

Gardening 4 Kids is a great way to get the little ones off their iPhones and out into the real world.The site includes news related to kids and gardening, as well as countless ideas for little DIY inventions kids can make out in their gardens. It also features a shop where you can stock up on all sorts of adorable gardening tools and toys for kids.

facebook: gardening4kids

Urban Green Farms

Urban Green Farms are a fantastic company who have created a way for us to keep a vegetable or herb garden without a lot of space. They’ve developed water tanks which can help reduce your waste as well as producing nutrient rich food for the family. They’ve also developed a way to effectively grow herbs and plants in small spaces.

facebook: urbangreenfarms

Million Women

While this one isn’t as directly related to gardening as the others, 1 million Women are an important organisation built to fight climate change, which we all know has a direct result on gardening. Climate change is causing a rise in temperature, which is affecting our plants dramatically. It’s important that we all inform ourselves on this and take necessary steps towards saving our plant life.

facebook: 1MillionWomen