The Health of your Soil: How to keep your Garden Flourishing.


Keeping your garden green and thriving doesn’t have to be an impossible feat, because it simply begins with your soil. It’s grimy and dirty but it’s the thing that keeps your plants healthy and green. It may seem very simple to keep your soil healthy, but leave it alone for too long and it can end up harming your garden.

First things first, before we get into what to do to take care of your garden, knowing your soil and understanding it is the best first step. What you may find under your fingernails is dirt, whereas soil is what covers the earth in a thin layer. Soil can come in an array of colours from grey, red, yellow and brown. Different natural aspects contribute to the formation of soil such as tree branches, dead bugs and dead leaves which can help soil to thrive.

To care for your soil there are very simple things to look for and easy ways to ensure it stays healthy and keeps your plants alive. One easy way to do so, is to add organic matter to your gardens. Compost is a decomposed type of organic matter that you can buy from the gardening shop. Others include well-rotted manure, peat moss and grass clippings. These are all easy composts that you can find at the store or even in your own garden. Adding this to your soil will keep it moist and fresh so that your plants will keep growing and you can continue reaping their rewards.

Although soil helps plants grow to feed us, there are foods to feed your soil. Most of the, time soil has all the nutrients necessary to harbour plants, but there are different elements of soil you can implement to balance out nutrients. These nutrients include potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. Each of these can be implemented either on the top of the soil or mixed in with it. By adding more of one or the other it keeps your soil from drying out and means that it will help plants grow evenly in the garden.

Keeping your soil healthy and thriving means that you can grow a vast variety of plants to feed you and your family. Soil may seem to be a nuisance and is perceived as something we accidently walk into the house, but it is the one thing that allows our environment to thrive. Ensuring it survives also means that other wildlife can live in your garden. Worms are also an excellent part of the soil’s system and becomes an active composter, keeping your soil regenerated and fresh.