Tips for Spring – It’s Time to Freshen Up Your Home


Spring is the season of new beginnings and new life. So, bringing some new life to your space is the best way to start the season. For some the task of gardening or sprucing up your home can seem too mammoth to fathom. But there’s low cost, easy ways that you can make your home a little brighter, fresher and lighter coming into Spring this year.

Propagate Your Vege Scraps

Starting off with terms not often used in every day’s colloquialisms may not provide a lot of confidence. But it isn’t as complex as it may seem. Propagating is when you breed specimens of plants by natural processes from the parent stock. So, put in simple terms, instead of throwing out your carrot ends and other vegetable scraps, they can be used to kick start that vegetable garden you’ve always wanted. Take the ends of your vegetable of choice, using the top of the carrot for example where the foliage grows from, and place them in a shallow dish with about a centimetre of water. Leave the plants for a few days in direct sunlight until you notice shoots or roots beginning to grow. When it looks ready to plant, place it in nice healthy soil and grow your vege’s at home.

This is an excellent way to start your garden strong and extremely sustainable.

Defuse essential oils in your home

Essential oils can provide many benefits for your health including boosting your energy and immune system as well as improving brain function. Each essential oil may have a different purpose, so doing a little bit of research first never hurts. When using them, always source pure essential oils as most will have added alcohols and other additives.

When defusing your oils, finding the right diffuser isn’t hard. Places like pharmacies and health shops have plenty to choose from at a range of prices. Fill the diffuser t the fill line and add one to two drops of the oil of your choice. Place it in the kitchen, bedroom or anywhere in the house and let the aromas fill your space. The oils will freshen up your home and mean you can come home to a relaxing space. Some fresh oils you can use are citrus blends, Bergamot or mix, and match scents as you choose.

Cut flowers from your garden

If you have flowers in your garden that are blooming overtime during spring, cut them and place them round the house. It’s much cheaper than buying them from the markets of shops and brings brightness to your home. Having something grown and cultivated in your garden will make your home environment feel more positive and create a natural energy in the house.

Changing bed covers and cushions

This one is a little extra you can do to change it up this Spring. Changing your heavy, warm sheets from the beds to lighter colours and materials can lift the winter heaviness. Bright oranges, yellows, soft reds and vibrant greens can bring that Spring vibe to your house immediately. Changing cushions in the lounge room can spread the Spring liveliness to the rest of the house. Rolling up rugs and putting down natural woven rugs or off white thin rugs can pull the room out and not make it feel so crowded with the shags and winter warmers.